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Are you  struggling in your relationship, feel you are  in the wrong job or not clear on your path moving forward?

Would you like to  feel abundant in all things, whether it is  health, relationships, wealth and  work?

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I can work with you to change your life into something you never believed possible.

Smile FM - The Honest Truth - 4 Sept 17

by Benito Vergotine & Emma Hamel

Smile FM - The Honest Truth - 11 Sept 17

by Benito Vergotine & Emma Hamel

Smile FM - The Honest Truth - 27 Sept 17

by Benito Vergotine & Emma Hamel



The Navigate Life for Young Adults workshop. Book your spot early!

Soul Coaching, 28 Day Coaching Programs & Assessment Profiling

Soul Coaching® sessions are designed to support you during your everyday life. Utilising powerful questioning techniques you can come to understand yourself and change the way you see your world.

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The 28 Day Soul Coaching Program and 28 Day Health & Vitality Coaching Program are designed to take you deeper into self-discovery and bring an acceptance of who you really are. Get results you truly desire.

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This profile assessment is designed to give you an in-depth view into how you operate both consciously and unconsciously, and with coaching we can transform ourselves to succeed on purpose.

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My Musings

It is what it is …

It is what it is ... Whilst facilitating one of my Vision Boarding workshops at the beginning of the year, for the first time ever I couldn't imagine my future.  I realised that I had no idea what that even looked like anymore. I was engulfed in sadness...

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Is This Year Working Out As Expected?

How is 2017 Working Out for you? Are you one of those that feels that this year isn't quite going to plan? We are almost through the first half of 2017 and maybe it is worth putting more emphasis on creating what we want for the rest of the year! Most of us set goals...

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What is Toxicity?

Detoxing Are you struggling with low energy, is your immune system low or are you generally feeling blah? Then take a look at these thoughts around detoxing. Something that has been in my world for quite a while now is the topic of toxicity. It is only recently that I...

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