Assessment Profiling

Assessment Profiling & the IMI Discovery Process

With today’s busy lifestyles, we are expected to keep up with the rapid ongoing changes both within and outside of ourselves. One tool that has been relied upon for many people to support change and growth, is assessment profiling. The IMI (Integrated Mastery Index) Discovery Process is a detailed assessment that enables a narrative conversation opening up room for growth and transformation.

Our defensive patterns:

We all have defensive strategies in life in order to function, typically these were established prior to the age of six years old. When we become aware that our strategy no longer serves us, then a more detailed assessment and coaching will help us transcend this problem and transform us to working on a higher more effective level.

Our ego is our defensive program (strategy) in life and when our resilience is low or stress is high we start to run on autopilot or unconsciously. Personal mastery is about the degree to which we overcome our need to use defensive behaviour. Highly effective people, people who get results in their lives are people who are open to learning and growing.

Assessment ProfilingSo our journey through life is about getting closer to reality, and Ennea International have developed an exciting leadership development tool called the IMI which measures five life areas known as lenses. These lenses bring into focus or our awareness those times when we are defensive, unconscious or even self-sabotaging. We thus have an opportunity to see ourselves differently through these lenses and the IMI process.


What do we do about this?

Once we have discovered what our unconscious behaviour is about, and what strategies we are running, then we need to transform ourselves to higher levels of personal mastery, effectiveness and ultimately success. We talk about “succeed on purpose” and literally we become conscious of how we succeed and are able to choose our behaviour, choose our success. We are able to respond, rather than react and hence evolve to a higher level of mastery and effectiveness as both an individual and as a team.

What happens in the IMI discovery process?

You complete an online assessment profiling process, you meet with me either in person or on Skype and you engage a narrative or dialogue in order to fully “discover” who you are and how you are showing up in the world. Then we explore a plan to work out what actions you will take in order to transcend your reactive, automatic, unconscious behaviours into higher levels of effectiveness and personal mastery.

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