Soul Coaching®, Past-Life Coaching & Profile Assessments

Over many years I have trained in a number of different modalities. I hold Advanced Certification in Soul Coaching®, Past-Life Coaching and Clutter Clearing from Denise Linn. I am also a certified NLP Practitioner, IMI Profile Assessor and Team Facilitator. When I work a number of these modalities can be utilised to enable my client to get the result they desire.  I also hold workshops and give motivational talks and these will be posted when they are next occurring.

Soul Coaching® is designed to support you during your everyday life.  Consisting of 6 individual coaching sessions utilising powerful questioning, reflection and visualisation techniques, we explore your relationship with yourself, others and move beyond ‘stuckness’ into a positive state, in any area of your life. The results are tangible as your energy increases, and your life becomes purposeful.

These coaching sessions can be in-person sessions or on Skype, so wherever you are in the world we have the opportunity to do the necessary work.  I will create a safe space for you to experience and embrace your greatness, so let’s connect and see how we can walk the journey together.

The 28 Day Soul Coaching Program and the 28 Day Health & Vitality Program were designed to direct you into finding your own answers to your life.  These programs were created by Denise Linn of the International Institute of Soul Coaching®and as one of the few fully certified Advanced Soul Coaches® who has been personally trained by Denise, I can support you on this very powerful journey of discovery.

Each 28 day program is split into 4 weeks with these weeks focusing on de-cluttering the Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit. With my guidance you will examine the shape of your life, face your fears, release old negative patterns, get motivated, and step boldly into your future. Using soul journeys, openness, sharing, and creating a safe place to be all you are, this program is like no other.

The Process

  • 2 workshops either in person or on Skype, averaging 2 hours each – one to kickoff the program & the other to close
  • A manual featuring over 100 pages of processes at three different levels, you choose how much time you would like to spend each day depending on your time commitment. Remember the more effort you put in, the more profound the results will be.
  • 28 daily affirmations, one for each day of the program
  • 28 daily meditations, one for each day of the program
  • Email support during the program
  • Option to have extra weekly Coaching during the program

With today’s busy lifestyles, we are expected to keep up with the rapid ongoing changes both within and outside of ourselves. One tool that has been relied upon for many people to support change and growth, is assessment profiling. The IMI (Integrated Mastery Index) Discovery Process is a detailed assessment that enables a narrative conversation opening up room for growth and transformation.

Our ego is our defensive program (strategy) in life and when our resilience is low or stress is high we start to run on autopilot or unconsciously. Personal mastery is about the degree to which we overcome our need to use defensive behaviour. Highly effective people, people who get results in their lives, are people who are open to learning and growing.

This profile assessment is designed to give you an in-depth view into how you operate both consciously and unconsciously, and with coaching we can transform ourselves to working on a higher, more effective level and ultimately succeed. Quite literally we succeed on purpose.

Past-Life Coaching journeys are effective because they can get to the root of current lifetime problems. They have been known to work on people who don’t even believe in reincarnation.  As your consciousness travels with you from lifetime to lifetime, it brings with it your learning’s and experiences from your past; both good and bad.  It is possible to heal an aspect of your past which maybe blocking you in your current lifetime.

Each session involves a discussion on any issues that you are having which may need to be looked at during the session or we can simply see what comes up for you. It is worth noting that the conscious mind works differently to the unconscious. The unconscious may guide you to what needs to be cleared and dealt with, so sometimes having an open mind rather than fixed is really useful. We will then go on a journey in a deep and relaxed state and see what comes up for you.