Past-Life Coaching – Clearing The Past To Enable The Future

Do you feel like you have been here before?  Have you had experiences where the feelings and familiarity are too much to be explained by experiences in this lifetime?  Or maybe you are just curious?  It is estimated that over a third of all people living in our time believe in reincarnation, so you are not alone. Past-life coaching is enlightening and can change your life dramatically.

Past-life coaching journeys are effective because they can get to the root of current lifetime problems. They have been known to work on people who don’t even believe in reincarnation.  As your consciousness travels with you from lifetime to lifetime, it brings with it your learning’s and experiences from your past; both good and bad.  It is possible to heal an aspect of your past which maybe blocking you in your current lifetime. This is fun, very insightful and a great way to improve your current life.


A large part of this journeying transformational work is forgiveness.  A great amount of healing can take place when you can forgive yourself and others for decisions that were made in the past.  This sets in motion a wave of love and healing which comes into your present life reality. Forgiving ourselves for the karmic cycles where we have behaved badly, stops us having to keep living out these cycles in our future.

Past-Life Coaching

It is worth remembering the following:

– Everything that you have done (or that has been done to you) has been important for your soul’s evolution 

– Every experience whether good or bad allows your soul to learn and grow.

– Forgiving yourself and others clears you to become a force for healing on the planet.

– You are infinite.  You have a past, but you are not your past.

I was invited to give the editor of Wellness Magazine, Robyn Wilkinson, a Past-Life Session and she wrote about her experience in the January 2014 edition. You can read it here.


The Process

Each session involves a discussion on any issues that you are having which may need to be looked at during the session or we can simply see what comes up for you. It is worth noting that the conscious mind works differently to the unconscious. The unconscious may guide you to what needs to be cleared and dealt with, so sometimes having an open mind rather than fixed is really useful. We will then go on a journey in a deep and relaxed state and see what comes up for you.

The whole process takes up to an hour and a half.

If you are interested in having a past-life coaching session or you would like more information, please contact me and I will get back to you.