Personal Coaching

Personal Coach – Support During Your Everyday Life

A personal coach designed to support you during your everyday life.  Consisting of 6 individual coaching sessions utilising powerful questioning and reflection techniques, we explore your relationship with yourself, others and move beyond ‘stuckness’ into a positive state, in any area of your life. I can take you on a journey to the depth of your soul to discover the truth about you. The results are tangible as your energy increases, you embrace greatness and happiness, and your life becomes purposeful.

Coaching wherever you are in the world

These coaching sessions can be face-to-face sessions or on Skype, so wherever you are in the world we have the opportunity to do the necessary work.  I will create a safe space for you to experience and embrace your greatness, so let’s connect and see how we can walk the journey together. Please click on the contact button on the right and I will get in touch.


“Emma is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach.  She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth.”

Denise Linn, California, USA

Founder, International Institute of Soul Coaching

I received my soul coaching session as a gift and went with an open heart and a skeptical head. It was a surprising and edifying experience from the onset. And one of great use in the challenging phase my life is about to enter. Further, I found Emma a woman of warmth and charisma. She made the entire experience delightful and I fully intend to try one of her workshops in the near future. Namaste.

Marcie D. Terman, Guildford, UK

Business Development Director, Datafort Ltd

Emma has one of those rare gifts of acceptance of herself, life and others and an even rarer gift of being able to help others find this in themselves.  Emma’s joy of living is evident in all that she does and she infects people that meet her with it. She is a safe pair of hands for even the most fragile traveller in this life.  It makes me happy to call her my friend.

Jill Roberton, Church Crookham, UK

Teacher and Practitioner of Natural Healing